Final Fantasy Versus XIII – Tetsuya Nomura’s work: Square-Enix’s betrayal of Sony game fans

Final Fantasy Versus XIII – Tetsuya Nomura’s work: Square-Enix‘s perceived betrayal of Sony game fans in new generation, Final Fantasy XIII. screw Square Enix for taking their money. Well lets not jump the gun here we dont even know much about the game lets wait for some gameplay and more details lets not overhype it just yet we dont want a repeat of GTA4 or Halo3.

SquareEnix is catering to the wrong audience. Most Microsoft apologists have short attention spans and do not care about rpgs. They do not care about plot, charm, character development or story. All they want to do is shoot anything on screen that moves. All SquareEnix is doing is feeding us scraps. People are pissed off, and have every right to be.

I don’t know yet lol!!!! You see I haven’t finished a single Final Fantasy in my whole life. Here are all my Final Fantasies and order I bought them:

1) Final Fantasy X-2
2) Final Fantasy X
3) Final Fantasy XII
4) Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children (not a game but still)
5) Final Fantasy VII: Crisis Core

What next??? Well I’d like to buy FFVII – and if it ever came to PSN – wow what a dream that would be. Then FFVII: Dirge of Cerberus. Then…Final Fantasy Tactics – The Lion Wars (which I could have gotten, but chose MGS: Portable Ops instead). Final Fantasy VIII, and Final Fantasy IX – aren’t out. And Final Fantasy DISSIDIA – ZOMG IS SO NOT OUT!!! Final Fantasy I and II WOULD BE AWESOME FOR PSP!!! So that would make…8 Final Fantasies that I would like to buy.

Now I haven’t finished any of the ones I mentioned. Well with the girls in FFX-2 I lvld up to like 70 but still don’t know strategies to defeat some stuff. In FFX I’m still struggling with 2nd Sin – and honestly have just given up completely. In FFXII – I can’t get through this field of stuff…it’s like right after I beat the 1st judge you had to fight. It was really fun…but now I just have to lvl up. Oh and as for FFVII: Crisis Core – I’m at the last boss amazingly!!!! – which I find insane since as you can tell I absolutely suck at Final Fantasy games. Just have to lvl up with Zack in that since there are a bunch of those scythe things.

Now…for FFXIII – why does everyone hate it???? I liked it from the beginning…it just looked so fast pace and really enjoyable gameplay. Now sure I’m probably not going to even get through the 2nd battle – but hey…I’ll give it a shot! We are shown more screenshots, given minor detail of the gameplay, and I’m actually thankful. Now yea I’m kind of ticked off knowing that I have to wait a bit longer because of the 360 version – but hey…like Ben said in his last article – it’s a good chance for Sony to lower prices and compete. I also really love the graphics of the game. It really looks gorgeous to me. Such a cool colorful environment. Characters look interesting as well.

Oh and Total combined sales of FF13 on Xbox 360: 5. Final Fantasy Versus XIII – Tetsuya Nomura’s work…I can’t wait for it really. I would just be all over that. It already looks like it has a deep story, the scene at the end with Noctis and Stella is completely real-time by the way (in the latest trailer) – which really shows you the game has potential. We aren’t given anything about gameplay but have a hint that it will be fun since it’s being worked on by the KH team and Advent Children team!!!

Really I can’t wait. So yea Square Enix is sort of ignoring it’s core fan base – but at least it’s giving something! So I’m glad. Also…it still loves the PSP like hell – doesn’t it??? We have Dissidia to look forward to this year. And also…BIRTH BY SLEEP WOOHOO!!!!!

“Now…for FFXIII – why does everyone hate it????” – So I looked over this actually and read some of your comments and you don’t hate the game but you just hate Square Enix. But guys…you have to give some credit – they’re putting passion into the game. They’re taking their time and really trying their best. Now if they were downsizing the PS3 version just so it can be done on 360 – you guys have a big reason to complain. But they’re not – but they are going to make you PS3 owners wait until the 360 version is done. Don’t worry…time FLIES BY – trust me. As for Square Enix business techniques – times are tough guys. It’s hard to take chances like Kojima who ended up really really lucky – but from hard work that is. Business is Business – sorry but it just is. Would you rather see Square Enix dissolve and no more Final Fantasies, KH, or ANYTHING?! C’mon guys…we’re all gamers for one thing: HAVING FUN WITH GAMES!!! Not arguing or spending our lives hating game developers.

Guess what Final Fantasies I’ve played?
1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10,12,X-2. That’s right. Top that!

We still get ffv13, so not all is bad ,but ,yeah SE is on my list of sons of female dogs. Well we all know what consels ffxiv is coming to, so why not shed all tears now. And in the process enjoy the game. What should have, could have, but never did.

The Prez of S-E can stop by my house and fart in my dinner…tonight! I’ll still get FF.

Yeah if the game’s good I will buy it.
Though this time getting the Japanese version is what everyone should do.

Seriously why wait when you push yourself to learn the language(at least the basics) and when you get the game you can refer to the translations found ’round websites. Overall you’ll continue to learn the language, understand it somewhat, respect it.

It’s a big plus if you ask me. Square-Enix’s perceived betrayal of Sony fans in this new generation.

We all know how rpgs work so it’s not like you’ll be 100% clueless. With translated wikis for the game out there it’ll be easy as hell.

Anyway yeah I’m getting it :D

times are tough and companies have to diversify. If people complain about sharing a game that is great, than they are a fanboy pure and simple. No one (reasonable) is complaining about “sharing” the game. It’s the fact that we have to wait longer than we normally would have BECAUSE of the “sharing” that has everyone annoyed.

You know, honestly…. Microsoft really made gaming worse when they entered the console market… aside from their crooked business practices, they created a monster legion of fans that care ONLY about online shooters. I’m a single-player RPG guy, and while that market isn’t getting smaller, it just LOOKS smaller in comparison to this big, retarded online shooter market that Microsoft has created.

Screw them. And screw Square Enix for taking their money.

Well. You’re partly right.

M$ft popularized online gaming on consoles. Note how I write “popularized” not introduced; I know other consoles were online capable. But M$ft inluded the modem in the Xbox; it wasn’t an add on.

Now, being able to play a multiplayer game online when none of your friends are available to come over is cool.

But the big problem is now that all consoles are online capable out of the box, developers are gimping final games and withholding levels and options and adding them later, for the most part, as premium, for-profit DLC.

If you don’t believe me, just read up on all the crap being revealed by the Tomb Raider developers who were just laid off, as well as other developers.

This is inexcusable. This and the tendency to ship broken games and patching them later. Not that this didn’t happen in the past, and at least now it is easier to get the patch (in the past the bugs weren’t always fixed); but it seems that more and more games are shipped broken and patched within the first month.

The other way M$ft has hurt gaming is by not including a HD format drive like BluRay with the 360. With HD games and high resolution textures taking up so much space on DVDs and DVD-9s, developers are producing shorter games on single DVDs.

If BluRay were the standard, I can’t help but think the majority of games would last longer than five to 10 hours because the developers would have space to include extra levels and/or larger worlds. Maybe even that DLC they are holding back for later on to be released as premium DLC?

Well… S-E is fully supporting Sony… at least the PSP. Though that support could be more robust too!

S-E is definitely making a mistake, especially in Japan where the PS3 still trounces the 360.

But if we boycott the game, we gamers would be making a mistake too.

Think about it for a second.

If we boycott FFXIII and the game sells well enough on the 360, all S-E executives are going to see is the game selling better on the 360.

In turn, this will probably lead to more games coming to the 360, maybe even exlusively.

Do we want that?

On a related note, why aren’t you guys as pissed with Namco? Namco has put former Sony exclusives such as Ridge Racer (on the PS3 too), Ace Combat (not on the PS3 yet), and Tekken 6 on the 360.

Honestly, the loss of all these former Sony exclusives to M$ft and Nintendo (Monster Hunter 3 Tri and Tenchu) has hurt Sony most this gen. That and all the cool, quirky games (No More Heroes, MadWorld, etc…) are no longer on a Sony console like they were in both previous gens.

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